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A wine cowboy enhancing the way texans drink —

Back in 2011, a Texan went out to study abroad to expand his global perspective, which at that time only encompassed what was within the borders of the state of Texas. He has now travelled to 65 countries! 

Through his experiences, he realized that he was passionate about three things: Travel, Wine, and Creating Memories with Family & Friends. That is when he decided to create the brand Wanderlust Beverage Company, a wine focused bar dedicated to bring people together and allow them to get a taste of the world through the beverages they drink.

The concept was not only aimed at emphasizing the diversity of beverages from around the world, but also to create a safe and eco-friendly environment that encouraged people to learn more about what lies in their glass.

We invite you to partake in a self-discovery journey at our self-serve bar, and taste the beverages of the world in one place. 



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