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All proceeds are currently being used to fund the Masters Degree in Wine Management, aid in the development of the Wanderlust Wine Co. brand, and assist with additional costs associated with starting a winery. The Masters degree will be offered through the OIV MSc program, which is aa Global wine program that takes the students around the world and immerses them in the Wine and Vine sector.

Help out by purchasing some Wanderlust Wine Co. merchandise and gear, or by simply clicking the donate button below. You can rest assured that your purchases and donations will be fruitful in helping Wanderlust Wine Co. become the beverage meant to celebrates life and travel. 


Wines are fermenting, so stay tuned for our first release of Wanderlust Wine Co. products!


Apparel and Accessories can be purchased at the moment to help expedite this wine project of ours! If you purchase one of our items, don’t forget to use our hashtag #wanderlustwineco to see you rocking our gear! Cheers!